A trusted partnership for healthcare professionals

As medical professionals, it is our responsibility to find the best treatment regimen for our patients. When it comes to pharmacological therapy, we often have a myriad of drug options that often have the same issues which we must carefully consider:

  • Side Effects
  • Patient Contraindications
  • Addictive / Abuse Potential

Canterbury Labs Innovative Solutions

Canterbury Labs products are designer nutritional supplements with clinically proven and patented ingredients.
Canterbury labs products can only be sold through medical professional offices, clinics and hospitals.
Our products afford your practice direct cash generation – no insurance hassles, simple cash pay basis.

Why Chose Canterbury Products for Your Patients

All our products are produced at our cGMP facility that is FDA inspected. Further all our ingredients are tested for quality, purity, strength and safety.

All of our products are non-prescription and contain no drugs or OTC’s.

We are a global company which can ship directly to over 120 countries.

We work with healthcare professionals to ensure our therapies can reach those that need them.

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