Natural: existing in or caused by nature; not made or caused by humankind. “Carrots contain a natural antiseptic that fights bacteria”

Nature provides us with what we need to maintain health and life.
Nature provides us the blueprint for the majority of all approved drugs around the world.

If you have the knowledge to merge science, technology and nature then you can create next generation products to vastly improve individual’s lives.

Who are we?

We have built a corporate culture that expects excellence.

We equally respect innovation, integrity, teamwork and scientific advancement.

We look for quality, honesty and efficacy to be the hallmarks of our legacy products and global staff.

We acknowledge the powers of dedication, determination, singular focus and an unrelenting pursuit of excellence.


Canterbury Labs manufactures non-prescription nutraceuticals to be dispensed by medical professionals throughout the globe. We strive to create the finest non-prescription solutions for physicians and their patients. Our products are only available through medical professional offices.


At Canterbury we focus on seeing the big picture by focusing on the tiniest of details. We are driven to produce products that impact lives in profoundly positive ways.

We know that to do this we must be courageous in our efforts to create rather than follow and to always put integrity and efficacy as our base DNA.


To provide our medical providers with the most advanced and efficacious products to enable them to better maintain the highest quality of life for their patients.